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In the heat of the moment, even when you think you had a full view of the road, there are still times when we miss what really happened in an accident or near miss. Installing a dash cam is the answer in settling insurance disputes and claims.

What’s a dash cam?

They’re in-car camera systems that make a video and audio recording of your journey. Public awareness of car cameras has increased and many insurance policies already accept dash cam evidence in the event of a car incident.

There are two main types of dash cam:

  • Front view cameras are among the best dash cams for capturing everything in front of you, including traffic you’re following. They’re the cheapest to buy, but lack the ability to see what’s happened behind you.
  • Front and back view (or front and rear) dash cams offer the advantage of recording both the view in front and behind your car. Most accidents on the road happen at low speeds and involve rear-end collisions. Investing in a dash cam that offers both views could be worth the extra spend in case you’re involved in an accident.

Why install a dash cam?

You’ve seen them on the news, crime programmes and some of the footage even goes viral on social media. And they’re becoming increasingly popular with motorists in the UK. In fact, from research carried out, dash cam ownership has gone from 1% to 15% in just four years!

They’re an effective way to see how we, our fleets and others drive and useful for finding out who was at fault in a car accident, near miss or reported complaint against a fleet driver. And if you ever break down, dash cams can act as a GPS tracker which can help emergency services find you, and get you out of harm’s way.

If you suspect you’ve been a victim of a crash for cash fraud, submitting dash cam evidence could help you be properly compensated and prevent it happening to others. The police already use dash cam videos in their cars and the footage they record is often taken as evidence when prosecuting bad or dangerous drivers.
Many car accidents aren’t clear cut. If there is any doubt over fault and if it’s your word against theirs, footage recorded by a dash cam can help to resolve the dispute quickly. If the footage proves the other party was at fault, you may not have to pay your excess, or if you’ve already paid, your excess may be reimbursed. The evidence could also help in protecting your no claims discount (NCD). As dash cams become more common, they could lower insurance premiums, reduce car theft and help deter insurance fraud.
As well as becoming more road-savvy, dash cams could also provide learner, new and returning drivers with priceless information on what they’re doing behind the wheel.

Dash cams are one of the most useful pieces of in-car technology, especially for those who spend a long time behind the wheel. Even if you’re a careful and cautious driver, accidents can happen or false claims can be made against you or a member of your fleet and it can be difficult to resolve claims quickly without objective evidence. Dash cam video recordings can help your insurer settle a claim stress and hassle free, leaving you to get on with the more important things in life.

At BBL Batteries we only stock the very best quality products and we stock Silent Witness dash cams, renown for the quality in the dash cam market.

We stock two types of dash cam, the SW013 which is the entry level forward facing camera and the SW011 which is a premium forward and rear model bursting with features that will protect you on the road.

SW013 - Entry Level - Features include: -

  • Front view camera
  • 140 Degree lens
  • 1920 x 1080 Full HD setting
  • 12 Mega Pixel
  • G-Sensor, When the G-Sensor is activated, the current file will be protected
  • Seamless Recording
  • Parking and Motion Detection Mode
  • Enhanced night recording
  • Loop video, circulating video recording
  • Easy operation

SW013 - Premium Model - Features include: -

  • Front and rear view camera
  • Wide angle lens (140 degrees) and the back wide-angle lens of 120 degrees can be rotated up and down 20 degrees
  • Built-in CMOS 1/4 inch low-noise and high-quality element can capture a clear picture
  • Built-in lithium battery with charging to protect last vide upon power loss
  • Built-in microphone and speaker
  • Support high-capacity MicroSD Card
  • Automatic recording function when power is applied
  • Delayed start function to prevent current damage at the moment the vehicle starts
  • GPS positioning
  • G-Sensor recording

Please contact us to find out more…

  • Bristol - 0117 9550535
  • Plymouth - 01752 338501
  • Swindon - 01793 616646
  • Truro - 01872 270011
  • Exeter - 01392 254418
  • Evesham - 01386 429020
  • Head Office - 0117 9550536

Brian Jones 18 April, 2018 Reply

Good experience yesterday, Chris ( Clarke ) was very knowledgeable and friendly with a sense of humour - also good price on my lawn mower battery


Paul draper 05 April, 2018 Reply

Excellent service from Chris and came away completely satisfied. Will definately recommend BBL Batteries to everyone, Thanks again for friendly atmosphere.


Ernie and Mary Eva 08 February, 2018 Reply

Thanks to Mike and Ashley, our car battery was tested , found to be exhausted and not holding a charge, and was replaced all very efficiently and quickly and with courtesy and good humour.  Very grateful customers!


Ernie and Mary Eva 07 February, 2018 Reply

Thank you so much Mike and Ashley for wonderful service—efficient, professional and quick in testing and replacing our car battery.  Fun too!
What an amazing array of stock there!
Would recommend this centre any time.


Susan Wilschere 17 January, 2018 Reply

BBL Batteries in Truro was recommended to me by my local garage. I spoke to a gentleman called Mike who advised me on the best battery for my Ford Fiesta. Mikes extensive knowledge and experience was evident on talking to him and the battery price very reasonable.  The fitting service was extremely quick with no fuss. Exemplary customer service from all at the Truro store, I highly recommend this company. Many thanks.


Noah Ball 13 December, 2017 Reply

The guys there are so friendly and happy to help, they have great knowledge and experience. Been a real blessing over the years


Jan Rawlings 30 November, 2017 Reply

I bought a Yuasa battery for my VW Eos after receiving advice over the telephone from a very helpful gentleman.  What made me choose BBL was the excellent customer service which was evident from the start.  The battery was fitted with no fuss and I was confident the job was done well.  Thank you to all concerned.


Connor 23 October, 2017 Reply

Was trying to order a product online but was doing something wrong my end. I telephoned the number from the website and spoke to Wayne , Wayne was more than helpful and made the whole ordering process hassle free and swift , which is rare these days!

Thanks very much for an easy process and keep up the good work


gary dawes 01 October, 2017 Reply

Noticed this depot/branch by chance while going to get a secondhand battery from a breaker. Man who served us had a scientific air about him and sold us a Yuasa battery for 48pounds. This would have cost 97pounds at Halfords or 120?pounds at Kwikfit.
Thankyou, very pleased not to have had to take a gamble off the internet and will tell people about you.


Nigel Cross 06 September, 2017 Reply

We purchased a battery for our car on Saturday morning from your Exeter Branch.
We thought the person that served us was extremely
professional and very pleasant. We would have no hesitation in recommending your company to others.
Thank you for a very nice experience

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