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Having Golf Battery Problems?

Having Golf Battery Problems?

Your frequently asked questions answered by the BBL Battery Experts…..

Top tips on caring for your Golf Trolley Battery.

Do you own an electric golf trolley? Basic knowledge will enable you to keep your Golf Battery healthy and Fit for Purpose…

Please see below for some common questions and answers….

I only played 6 holes today, do I need to recharge my battery?

A battery should always be charged as soon as possible after use, it is not designed to be used day after day without recharging as this will reduce the capacity and shorten battery life.

Should I completely discharge my battery to prolong its life?

Batteries should never be fully discharged as doing this runs the risk of irrecoverable long-term damage. Deeply discharging your battery will not increase its capacity or life span.

My trolley didn’t make it round 18 holes today, is there a problem with my battery?

There are many different factors that can affect performance including the weight of your bag, type of course (hilly / flat), weather and course conditions. Such factors will have an effect and making a trolley work harder such as letting it pull you up hills will have a big effect on your battery! If you didn’t make it round 18 holes, the battery should be professionally tested to establish if it is faulty or establish if there is a problem with either your battery or charger.

Is it best to leave my battery on charge?

There is no need to leave it plugged in for extended periods. For safety and environmental reasons, it is best to fully charge your battery and then unplug everything. The battery will hold its charge for at least 6 weeks before a top up is required.

I don’t have enough time to fully recharge my battery, should I just charge it for just a short period?

A Lead-Acid battery must be fully recharged and should never be charged for short periods. A Lithium battery’s capacity will be increased by any amount of charging but will need a full recharge to reach maximum capacity.

I am not playing over the winter, what should I do with my battery?

If you have a Lead-Acid battery, it should be stored fully charged, topped up every few weeks. Lithium batteries should be left in a ‘half charged’ state – simply use it for your normal round and then charge for 1 hour 30 minutes. It can now be left the whole winter, no need to top up, just recharge before your next game.

Does it matter where I charge my battery?

It must be charged on a dry, non-carpeted surface in a temperature ranging from 10 degrees C TO 30 degrees C.

Should I buy a larger capacity battery?

Although a larger capacity Lead-Acid battery may run your trolley for longer, a heavier battery will affect trolley performance. Higher capacity Lithium batteries offer significant benefits and do not have many of the weaknesses that a Lead-Acid equivalent battery does.

I am thinking of getting a new battery, should I choose Lead-Acid or Lithium?

Although Lithium is a bit more expensive, it is a much better long-term option, which will actually save you money! Not only do good quality Lithium batteries last significantly longer, they are smaller and much lighter.


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Tina 07 January, 2020 Reply

Amazing help and service from the Swindon Branch this morning after my car wouldn’t start and taking a recommendation to bring it to BBL. Matt and the team were really friendly, helpful and efficient from my initial phone call to fitting, which was done immediately!  I am very thankful and will certainly be recommending this place to everyone. Thanks again highly recommended!


Gerald Lawrence 21 December, 2019 Reply

DONT GO ANYWHERE ELSE.BBLbatteries recommended by Breakdown chap saying batteries cheaper than anywhere else so went along.
yup batteries cheaper than elsewhere by £20 including fitting!!!!

Great service from the staff including walking out with a mug torch and a smile!!


Kerry 07 December, 2019 Reply

I have to leave a great review here.  on approach Matt that worked behind the counter was amazing he just seems to have a customer approach that would make u want to come back. I’m sure I won’t need to. But he’s an absolute asset to the business. Thanks for your help. Kerry.


George Paterson 06 December, 2019 Reply

Visited the Truro Branch today and was most impressed by the two lads behind the counter. I am somewhat deaf and cannot see particularly well and explained the problem I had with a small compact tractor battery which had limited space in the engine compartment. They talked me through the size and capacity I needed and even helped unload the old battery from my friends car and found a replacement model in the store which should do the trick they said. Upon reaching my home the new battery did the trick - fitted into the compartment perfectly and I am a very happy ole boy. Thank them very much please for their patience and guidance. Very much appreciated.


Jacek Pelc 06 December, 2019 Reply

Top service. Guys were really helpful. Order came on time.  I visit a few shops around estate and they had the best prices. Definitely I will recommend BBL Batteries to my frends. Very pleased. Thanks.


barbara brown 03 December, 2019 Reply

Very friendly, helpful quick service and a reasonable price for a new battery. Thanks


joanna wiggans 22 August, 2019 Reply

Went in today for new leisure battery.  What fabulous service offered, so helpful and knowledgable. Fitted and very good value.  put me in a good mood for the rest of the day

fabulous customer service


Debbie cantin 15 July, 2019 Reply

Lee in the Plympton branch helped me today. I was in a bit of a stress as my battery was flat and the RAC signposted me to your store.
Lee was really professional and helpful , he changed my battery for me and I would definitely recommend BBL to friends and family. Thanks Lee!


Paul Compton 09 July, 2019 Reply

Excellent and friendly service. Matched the price of a competitor. Very helpful. Knowledge staff. Would definitely come again.


Martin Collenette 21 June, 2019 Reply

Mike in Truro is a battery hero!! He managed to get my wife’s old electric bike’s battery repacked and rejuvenated via Bristol battery repacking department. The alternative was a new one at twice the price and a possible 3 to 4 months delay. Fantastic, thanks to all concerned. Regards Martin Collenette



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