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Mower Battery Care & Maintenance

Mower Battery Care & Maintenance

Mower battery care & maintenance advice from BBL Batteries

If you’re having trouble keeping your lawn mower battery charged, it is in your best interest to understand when you need to replace it with a new one.

This is a common problem often experienced during colder weather. The battery is an often a neglected piece of equipment in terms of maintenance. If when trying to start your mower the electric start is not engaging, this is likely be a battery-related issue. It’s important to understand ‘proper’ battery storage and also how to maintain your battery. Please read below for further information.

Colder Conditions

The U.K. experiences extended periods of low temperatures in the winter months. Cold temperatures will negatively affect the properties of the battery acid if it sits unused. In fact, all batteries will perform poorly in cold weather conditions. If the temperature falls below freezing frequently enough you will need to properly store the battery to maximise battery life.

Storage Conditions

Unless you use your mower all year round, you will need to take appropriate care in storing your battery during the winter months. The battery should be stored in a dry area of the garage or storage shed, which should be fine as long as the temperature doesn’t drop below freezing. If it does then consider a space that will not.


Sulphation occurs when the molecules in the electrolyte (battery acid) become so discharged they start to build up on the positive plates inside your battery. As the sulphation build up coats the plates, you will see decreased performance. Eventually, the coated plates will be nearly or completely covered and the battery will become useless or will no longer hold a charge and will in turn not start the equipment.

Seek further advice or replace your battery…

  • If the battery case is cracked or leaking
  • If the battery case is bulging – often due to storing / operating at too hot a temperature, or over charging
  • If the terminals are damaged in any way, or corroded
  • If the electrolyte level is low –plates exposed to air will quickly sulphate
  • If the battery was charged incorrectly – some older technology, non-intelligent chargers may lead to this
  • If the battery no longer holds a charge – usually due to sulphation after prolonged disuse (lack of maintenance)

Battery cables and terminals

The battery cables and terminals should be kept clean from corrosion. To clean them, use a hard wire brush. Petroleum jelly is particularly effective in protecting the terminals and eyelets. A good coating should create a good barrier and help to prevent future corrosion. It’s important that when the cables are reconnected they are tight with the terminals, as this can be another common starting issue. If the cables have excessive wear or have been fully corroded, they will need to be replaced.


The greater the battery’s charge, the lower the freezing point (and vice-versa). Batteries will self-discharge due to the cold. The best method to keep your battery in fine working order and maximise its life is to use an intelligent battery charger. At the end of the season remove the battery and connect to a modern, intelligent charger which will keep your battery from sulphating and will ensure it is in optimum condition when you need it next. Always ensure the battery voltage is back up to a full charge before its use in the spring. If charging the battery on the mower, always remember to turn the ignition key to OFF position; if left turned in the ON position for an extended period of time, the battery will fully discharge.

Please contact the battery experts at you nearest BBL Branch to find out more on mower battery care and maintenance. BBL also supply a full range of premium quality mower batteries and intelligent chargers.


Calog Pace 19 November, 2020 Reply

Visited the Bristol branch to buy an led light With no Idea on how to install it but the guys in the branch very helpful and gave us alternative And safer ways of installing It following their Instructions Was a lot easier than how we expected it to be Considering we had no way there what we were doing.

The guys at the Bristol branch were great and helpful I will definitely shop there again


Mike Thompson 13 November, 2020 Reply

Really very impressed with the care and attention that I received today.  I was recommended by Isca Motors, and I wasn’t disappointed.  From my initial telephone advice from Steve, It was clear how I would be supported.  When I attended for an inspection and quote, there was no hard sell or pressure.  The advice was clear, the options explained and the price to supply, and or supply and fit was clear.  I chose the supply and fit, partly because I was already there, but mainly because the product quality and price was more competitive than others I had found in my own research.  Thanks again to Steve and excellent ambassador for the company.


Bob Summerfield 13 November, 2020 Reply

Nice little find, managed to locate an unusual sized battery for a wall thermometer and 1.5v AA batteries for an external smoke head, nice to have a service like this so locally, friendly staff as well. A +.....


Mike Johnson 16 October, 2020 Reply

I have previously used BBL and found the service, price and product knowledge second to none. This time I visited was no different. My old battery was tested. Was shown and explained the problem. Given good advice on a replacement.  I would highly recommend this company.


John Palmer 09 October, 2020 Reply

Bought a new leisure battery for my Motorhome.
Steve was very helpful.

Thank you


John Arkle 02 October, 2020 Reply

This helpful outlet recently sent my Kowalski Dive torch to their central depo in Bristol for battery replacement/repair which is quite an undertaking since they are soldered into the unit. Undeterred it was restored by them even during partial lockdown.
I’m thrilled and very grateful - well done guys
              John Arkle


Lisa Trigger 24 September, 2020 Reply

Excellent friendly service & very informative. Free test & fitment also, which included resetting my cars ECU. Would definitely recommend & would use again without fail


Antish Jhugroo 12 September, 2020 Reply

100% satisfy with the service and price. I sent an email inquiring about an i-stop car battery which i was finding very difficult to get from other suppliers and even the dealer could not help much. The very next day i received a very professional and friendly email from BBL Swindon to collect one. Very polite and helpful. They do more than just batteries , Check their website.I would definitely recommend to anyone,


Paul Harris 17 August, 2020 Reply

Just had battery check and a new Battery fitted, What a great guy sorted my Car out, When I got there he was just on a break, It was a bit busy but he said to give him a few minutes and he would sort it out, Boy was he good, Battery checked, Old battery out /new one in, Recoded, Paid for all within 15 /20 mins. 
Saved over £125 from my Hyundai garage quote & two more years warranty and done there and then.
All done with a smile ..
What more can you ask for?


Steve Priday 22 July, 2020 Reply

Exceptional customer service from a very knowledgeable staff member. We were directed to the trading estate to find a Europarts by Green Flag as our previous battery had given up the ghost whilst on holiday. In searching for their unit we came across BBL and instantly ‘felt’ and that we would be looked after better. Not only was the customer service first class but the battery was significantly less than a lesser quality battery at Europarts. We will definately advise friends and family that holiday in the South West to use your company for their battery needs. Thank you..

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