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Battery Support Unit & Multi Chemistry Charger

Battery Support Unit & Multi Chemistry Charger

The SmartChargePro range offers professionals two tools in one. As a charger, a SmartChargePro is designed to charge all battery vehicle types. The mult-chemistry function adjusts the charge to match precisely the specific battery type, extending battery performance. The SmartChargePro also acts as a battery support unit, providing constant battery voltage for when appliances or vehicle diagnostic equipment are connected and require power.

Programmable intelligent chargers for professional charging of lead acid, gel, AGM, calcium and wet batteries.

Controlled build up of charge to prevent any damage or overloading of the battery, • Temperature control• Charge by characteristic IUoU• Multi functioning LCD display provides all the required information to identify exactly the state of the battery and where you are in the charging process.
Charge rates: 2/6/12/25/50amp—Mininum voltage: 2.5v
Battery capacity: 14 - 1000 Ah

Load phases: Desulphation: Pulse charges the battery to increas battery performance and preserve battery life. - Soft Start: Controlled build up of charge to prevent any damage or overloading of the battery.

Bulk Charge: 80% of the charge rate is applied. - Absorption: Fully charges the
battery by slowly reducing the charge rate to allow the battery to absorb more power -

Equalisation: Additional charging stage for Calcium batteries - removes acid stratification of the battery.

Battery Test: An automatic test to determine the battery condition after charging. If further charging is required the recondition stage is selected, if fully charged the battery goes into Float status. -

Recondition: An additional charge stage to recover deeply discharged batteries.

Float: Maintains the battery at 100% charge without overcharging or damaging
the battery, allowing the Smart Charge to be left connected to the battery indefinitely.

Ideal for batteries used intermittently, such as seasonally used vehicles
including classic cars, motorcycles and caravans.


Noah Ball 13 December, 2017 Reply

The guys there are so friendly and happy to help, they have great knowledge and experience. Been a real blessing over the years


Jan Rawlings 30 November, 2017 Reply

I bought a Yuasa battery for my VW Eos after receiving advice over the telephone from a very helpful gentleman.  What made me choose BBL was the excellent customer service which was evident from the start.  The battery was fitted with no fuss and I was confident the job was done well.  Thank you to all concerned.


Connor 23 October, 2017 Reply

Was trying to order a product online but was doing something wrong my end. I telephoned the number from the website and spoke to Wayne , Wayne was more than helpful and made the whole ordering process hassle free and swift , which is rare these days!

Thanks very much for an easy process and keep up the good work


gary dawes 01 October, 2017 Reply

Noticed this depot/branch by chance while going to get a secondhand battery from a breaker. Man who served us had a scientific air about him and sold us a Yuasa battery for 48pounds. This would have cost 97pounds at Halfords or 120?pounds at Kwikfit.
Thankyou, very pleased not to have had to take a gamble off the internet and will tell people about you.


Nigel Cross 06 September, 2017 Reply

We purchased a battery for our car on Saturday morning from your Exeter Branch.
We thought the person that served us was extremely
professional and very pleasant. We would have no hesitation in recommending your company to others.
Thank you for a very nice experience


Jon Penryn 06 September, 2017 Reply

good guys, solid service.


Olaf Searson 06 September, 2017 Reply

Andy, Wayne and the team are fab. Always happy to help, and always have decent levels of stock at the right price.


Russell Clark 06 September, 2017 Reply

Great service, Bristol Branch, they replaced my battery on my Skoda superb estate which was just over 3 years old (2011) and just out of manufacturer warrenty. A better battery than fitted and about £60 cheaper than Skoda. The gentleman that did, I think his name was Seb, it knew everything aboout batteries and re-programmed the battery to my car which I did not know that was even needed as the ECU needs to compensate for the charging rate the older the battery is. No radio codes were lost dispite one dealer and the AA saying it would. Also went through all checks to make sure all windows were working, even headlamp cornering facility worked as replacing batttery needed a number of things re-setting. So thanks for the great service and I will we back if I need anything battery related


Jeremy Evans 06 September, 2017 Reply

I bought a new YUASA battery for my bike. One assistant tested the existing one to ensure it was fatally sulphated and not recoverable (punishment for not keeping it on trickle all winter). The battery stands upright so the other very helpful assistant sold me one he himself prepared - adding battery acid to the mat - which saved spills, my nerves,  and money on the full-fat factory prepared one. Always helpful, astonishing variety of sizes, cells, chargers, and even solar.


Fizzedup Slade 06 September, 2017 Reply

Excellent customer service.  Saved £90 refurbing a Powabike battery.  Highly recommend.

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